10 Cannabis Blogs We Love

The image of the modern cannabis industry is flourishing under the guidance of inspired minds. We’re proud to be sharing this digital space with all of these Trailblazers (and more!) to inspire people, to learn and to connect with those who also enjoy a bit of #poshpot. The web is full of information about cannabis, as we all know, but these blogs have curated only the best news, products and articles to bring you beautifully designed, high end content. Here’s a refreshed list of 10 of our favourites.


1. The Hemponair

An online lifestyle destination that serves as a gentleman’s guide to style, culture, and cannabis, covering everything from product reviews and launches to style, trends, people, culture, and events within both the fashion and cannabis worlds.



Beautifully designed interface, and carefully selected content, in their own words: “Through video, art and editorial, PROHBTD curates the latest information, narratives, products and artistic expressions that resonate with the spirit and character of cannabis culture.”

Screen Shot 2017-06-24 at 11.13.15

3. Ladybud

Ladybud launched in 2013 and has produced consistently engaging content, and is the #1 women’s publication focusing on cannabis activism and drug reform. A small team of contributors each with a different voice lends itself to a well-curated digital platform for a variety of cannabis topics. Check out the Culture section to find insightful articles from a female perspective, poems and recipes.


4. Kristen Williams

Kristen’s blog is a meticulously curated collection of the best cannabis brands, products and musings. Her style is simple and unfussy, and her reviews are always honest and carefully considered. Kristen is also a contributor for CCC! Check out some of her posts here and here.


5. Broadly

Not specifically a cannabis blog, but still definitely one of our favourites. In their own words – “Broadly is a website and digital video channel devoted to representing the multiplicity of women’s experiences. 

Screen Shot 2017-06-24 at 11.16.03

6. Women Weed Wifi 

Women.Weed.WiFi is a space dedicated to highlighting badass chicks who pursue their dreams, are committed to building strong communities, and share the same love of cannabis. 

Screen Shot 2017-06-24 at 11.16.40

7. Sativa Science Club

Providing cannabis education that is enlightening, entertaining and accessible, Sativa Science Club is definitely one to add to your Bookmarks. Check out the DIY section for delicious recipes.


8. The New Smoker

The canna-centric site that curates the coolest in cannabis culture. A New Smoker is someone who appreciates the deeper aspects of not only the canna-culture, but Culture itself: Art. Literature. Music. Movies. Health. Home.

Screen Shot 2017-06-24 at 11.18.43

9. Kindland

Sometimes it’s about weed…. Usually it’s about a lot more than that. KINDLAND is a digital media company dedicated to today’s expanding cannabis lifestyle. 


10. Merry Jane

Cannabis culture for all – Merry Jane is the new generation’s definitive resource for news, culture, and video covering cannabis and beyond.

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