Baking, Baked


Winter is approaching, the days are getting colder and shorter, a lazy night in feels well deserved. Key elements to mine include tea, pyjamas, Netflix and munchies. The culinary geniuses at Baking Supply Co. recently gifted us a baking box which included everything from coconut crystals to ghee and full instructions for those of us who struggle in the kitchen. The Baking Supply Co. is an independent company delivering healthy baking kits to people who’d rather eat their herbs. Their recipes are not only good for you—gluten and refined sugar free, and packed with whole grains, fruits, and vegetables—they’re delicious and fun to make, too.

With assistance from my kit, I baked salted chocolate oat cookies and they rocked my world. I often associate edibles with sugary gummies and rich brownies, but these cookies were nothing like what is out there. 


1. Start Low, Go Slow

Micro-dosing is a game changer when it comes to edibles. It also encourages you to pay attention to the food you’re eating rather than simply focusing on the effects. I ate six cookies hot out of the oven and did not need to think twice about my dosage. To infuse my ghee, I followed the steps provided in the box. I used about a gram of flower to make fourteen cookies, so each cookie was roughly 7mg per cookie.


2. Real Ingredients

The Baking Supply Co. has developed the edible from fast food to real food. Using wholesome ingredients – real 100% chocolate, maple syrup, oats and bean flour, I could bake something that I felt good about eating. I love my sweets, but I love them even more when they pack a healthy punch.


3. It’s Easy

I often refused to make my own munchies and edibles out of laziness. I would tell myself it’s much easier to buy edibles from my collective or pick up un-infused snacks at the grocery store, than to bake goods myself. Well, the Baking Supply Co. has definitely changed my perspective. The kit was delivered straight to my door with everything I needed inside, (except the flower for infusion), and all the instructions required.

Next time you crave a healthy, easy edible, we recommend trying the Baking Supply Co. kit, check out their website and Instagram to get all the latest updates. 

Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 16.07.51

Words by Rachel G. Images courtesy of The Baking Supply Co. and Rachel G.

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