Canna Curious Club’s Quick Guide to Weddings

CCC Wedding Guide1

Wedding season has officially arrived! Our social media feed is inundated with photos of blushing brides, adorable babies in tulle, and endless close-ups of bouquets. We love it! And we love it even more when we see couples incorporating cannabis into their weddings in beautiful and creative ways.


We’ve decided to put together this short but sweet guide to inspire you, whether you’re tying the knot or attending as a guest, there’s plenty of ways you can bring the leaf into the picture without going over the top.


Wedding Invite

The date is set, you’ve picked your venue – it’s time to send out your invitations! More and more couples are choosing digital over paper – the costs are significantly less, and it’s a quick & easy way to keep track of details and replies. Nonetheless, there’s something very special about receiving a physical invitation.


Paperless Post

Paperless Post helps you create both online and paper stationery that reflects your individual aesthetic. They have a wide range of distinctive and customisable designs, including collaborations with designers like Oscar de la Renta & Kate Spade NY. Upload your own, or browse their collection of beautiful designs.


Pink Paprs

Bridesmaids Gifts

The best part about having bridesmaids is sharing awesome moments with all your best friends! Some brides prefer to add a little personal touch and give gifts that have a little more meaning. We love the idea of giving each bridesmaid a personalised clutch with a few stylish canna-goodies thrown in. 

CCC-Bridesmaids Kit

1) Keep It Lit Card 2) ‘Roasted Mellow’ Nail Polish 3) Marvelous Moxie Lipstick 4) Cannabis Seeds Necklace 5) Miwak Junior Clay Connector Pipe 6) Green Foldover Clutch 7) Minimalux Pocket Mirror

The Dress (etc…)

Obviously this is a HUGE topic, and each bride has her own style, but here are a few of our favourite places to go if you need some inspiration.

LOHO Bride

LOHO Bride is an artfully curated bridal boutique with locations in Los Angeles and San Francisco. The acronym stands for “League of her own,” and embraces the owner’s taste and ideals in an immaculately crafted space. Beyond being just a shop, however, lies the brand’s very specific niche: to offer an experience for women who don’t identify with the mainstream aesthetic, but who seek an organic, comfortable, and easy alternative to dress shopping for their big day. Click here to browse the incredible Lookbook 2016.

Rock N Roll Bride

This is the ultimate guide for alternative brides looking for some inspiration. There are hundreds of real weddings, complete with a full list of suppliers – you will find absolutely everything you need here, and more. Check out the print magazine too.

“Most couples who bond over smoking together, feel like toasting to a dab or joint conveys who they are in a much more accurate light. Weddings are by nature very personal, making an intimate moment like this truly special and personal.”

– Dalton Clements of Pasiflora Photography

Love and Marij

The ultimate wedding planning resource – these guys have got you covered! Check out their website for everything from cannabis event hosting, budtenders, weediquette and weed-friendly suppliers. 

Bud & Breakfast

Take your ganja girls for an unforgettable trip to a cannabis-friendly location. Bud And Breakfast offers instant access to safe and legal cannabis friendly accommodations worldwide.



Traditionally, the groom is responsible for buying gifts for male members of the wedding party. Here’s a few suggestions for what to get your smoking buddies.

CCC Grooms1) White Jasmine & Mint Cologne 2) Mister Green Peace Pin 3) Urb Concrete Pipe 4) Van der Pop Papers 5) Minimalux Cufflinks

Images: Canna Curious Club

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