As part of our L.A. Getaway, we’ve teamed up with one of our sponsors, Oregon-based Serra, a.k.a the  ‘Purveyors of Quality Drugs’. We reached out to six different creatives within the world of cannabis, and asked them to share their personal insights about the central Serra ‘feelings’ – Relaxation, Focus, Creativity, Happiness, Energy and Relief.

Liam Kaczmar of Summerland on FOCUS…

We’re so excited to catch up with Liam again, following our last interview with him for our Trailblazers series. A lot has changed – let’s dive right in!


Which is better for focus – pressure or inspiration?

I believe the two go hand in hand – Inspiration aids focus in times of pressure.  Inspiration is gathered in the wild – in moments of unfocused discovery. I try to catalog as much inspiration as possible for later when it’s time to focus and deliver — which stems from pressure to create, whether internal or external.

What is your biggest distraction?

The internet & technology is by far my biggest distraction. It sucks to get caught in the mindless scroll! It’s a terrible addiction, but in our time is rather unavoidable, and there is something to be said about inspiration and learning from it.

My other distraction would be surfing. I tend to drop everything that I should be focusing on if the surf is good. It’s another addiction, but likely a much more positive one.

I feel like these two distractions represent opposite poles of the spectrum, with focused productivity in the middle – the internet/technology likely represents the negative end, bringing my mind into areas of materialism & f.o.m.o. desires – and the other end, surfing, is an incredible connection with nature – completely unplugging from “reality” and directly interacting with nature’s cycles, benefiting my body and mind.


What is your greatest achievement to date?

Quitting the 9-5 rat race, building my own brand, being my own boss, and keeping it sustainable has been so rewarding.

What type of music helps you focus?

I’ve been really into meditative “music” – based more on healing tones & frequencies than rhythm and melody. Crystal Bowls, Gongs, Binaural Beats. This type of constant background drone helps me keep my brain in line, and it really tunes you in. I also love Avant Garde Jazz. I feel like the unpredictable patterns match my bouncy thought process. In a similar vein I’ve started putting on Indian Raga.

What do you consider to be the greatest invention?

Shoot… It must be the wheel…

What is something new you learned this week?

I just adopted a puppy, so I’m definitely learning a lot this week. The process of training her is also teaching myself a ton about learning patterns through repetition & routine as well as environment. I haven’t exactly been a previous subscriber to routine, so I think having her in my life will keep me more grounded and focused.


What is the biggest waste of time in your life?

FEAR – so many negative wastes of time are rooted in fear, whether it’s that endless scroll, procrastination stemmed from anxiety, or not dropping into that perfect wave because it looks too big and scary, but it’s lined up just for you! If you don’t allow yourself the choice to be afraid, you likely won’t waste any time and you’ll have way more fun.

Have you ever had a ‘now or never’ moment?

Launching Summerland was very ‘now or never’. At the time, there was a huge hole in the market for tastefully designed analog smoking accessories, and it was just too obvious to me. I knew that if I didn’t try to make it happen in this specific window of normalization that someone else would likely hop on it.

Focus is the enemy of spontaneity – agree or disagree?

I’ll disagree with that. More often than not, focus comes out in the most spontaneous of moments. To me, schedule is a much larger enemy of focus because it’s forcing yourself to attain some specific result in a specific amount of time – I’d rather come to the results organically when my brain is tuned in to that frequency on it’s own.

Which cannabis strains/products have you found to be particularly useful to stay focused?

High CBD strains paired with yoga, meditation, and surfing keep me very focused, not only on productivity but also on wellness and being the best version of myself. I’ve moved away from working while stoned and usually save it for moments of rest and reflection, which I believe really helps for when I am straight and focused. Creative and depression-curbing strains like Lambs Bread, Game Changer, and Haze varieties help bring in inspiration and excitement, which really helps for whatever has to get done later.

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Images by Serra and Canna Curious Club

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