This month, as part of our L.A. Getaway, we’ve teamed up with one of our sponsors, Oregon-based Serra, a.k.a the  ‘Purveyors of Quality Drugs’. We reached out to six different creatives within the world of cannabis, and asked them to share their personal insights about the central Serra ‘feelings’ – Relaxation, Focus, Creativity, Happiness, Energy and Relief.

Alice & Sebastian of Miwak Junior on RELAXATION…

MIWAK JUNIOR first began as a rebellious act in a community college ceramics class, where making smoking implements was strictly verboten. Chilean artist Sebastian Boher tried twice to sneak a pipe into the kiln; but on his third try, the pipe went undetected by the censors, proving that he’d created an objet of beauty with a discreet functionality. Partner Alice Johnson Boher, a writer/performer and cannabis enthusiast from the American South agreed, and MIWAK JUNIOR was born. 

Alice and Sebastian live in Echo Park, Los Angeles, where their home studio serves as the creative nucleus of the brand. We had the pleasure to visit and hang out with them during our L.A. Getaway, and teamed up with photographer Morgan English, to get some behind-the-scenes snaps. 

What’s your secret for total mind-body relaxation?

SEBASTIAN: Surfing and also jamming with my friends. I play trumpet and keyboards.

ALICE: Oh man, I so don’t have the secret. I’ve got busy, restless energy inside. It takes being alone for me. Having the time and space to think my thoughts all the way through relaxes me. I love going on little jaunts out of town by myself, retreating for a few days, going out and reading in a little bar at night. I’m starving for a solo jaunt right now.

What cannabis strains/products help you relax?

SEBASTIAN: I like the KIVA blueberries. I have a low tolerance, so ½ is good for me.

ALICE: I like a light, uppy, focused feeling. The Gorilla Glue strain is a favorite.



What music do you listen to, to help you relax?

SEBASTIAN: Brian Eno ambient records and Harold Budd

ALICE: Cass McCombs, Frank Ocean, Gillian Welch, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Donny Hathaway.


Do you perform better when relaxed or under pressure?

SEBASTIAN: Somewhere in the middle.

ALICE: Me too.


What can nature teach us about relaxation?

ALICE: I see a lot of birds from up here in our house, and they don’t seem to chill for one hot second. Even when they’re gliding, and it looks like a joy ride, they’re really just hunting. I think cats are the ones who’ve got it down. I want to come back as a house cat in a rich person’s apartment in New York City with a big window seat and a busy street below.

SEBASTIAN: The nature has seasons, and has certain timings; there’s cosmic wisdom in the pace of nature.


If you could smoke & chill with anyone for a day (alive, dead or fictional) who would it be?


ALICE: Sebastian – but only if we make a pact not to talk about business.


How do you detach yourself from the digital world?

SEBASTIAN: I like to play with clay.

ALICE: I force myself. We have a lot of steps up to our apartment; it’s kind of a schlep. I leave my phone in the trunk of the car downstairs so it’s a pain to get to. I also read.



How does your living space contribute to your inner peace?

ALICE: I’m ruthless when it comes to clutter, and we don’t have much stuff, so our place has a lot of open space. We’re up on a hill in Echo Park, and you can see the whole neighborhood below. Watching the little cars and mail trucks going up and down the hills, moms pushing strollers, skateboarders, strings of lights turning on when the sun goes down. From up here it looks like the model town, like the opening credits to Mister Rogers Neighborhood. It can almost, ALMOST feel for a second like all is well.

SEBASTIAN: I have an aquarium and I like to relax watching the fish swim in and around the ceramic sculptures I made them for their homes.


Where do you go and what do you do to wind down/relax as a couple?

ALICE: We go to the Korean spa, but not the one where there’s a coed floor. We go to our separate men’s/women’s areas in the spa, then meet back up after a few hours and go eat ramen. When we have the time and/or the cash, we like to stay a couple of nights at Hope Springs in Desert Hot Springs. And we’re going to sound like assholes here but every now and then, we just say fuck it: let’s paint. We get rid of all of our work stuff on the big table and bring out the watercolors. Sebastian is my art teacher; he has a teaching style I can understand. “You got a bunch of shit here, so put some shit over there to balance that shit out.”

Do you have something that you find strangely relaxing?

SEBASTIAN: Organizing all of the cable bundles before and after a jam session, getting them all neatly rolled up.

ALICE: I put my phone in my fanny pack and my ear buds in so I’m hands free, then call my mother and bitch about our family while I clean the shit out of my house.


CLICK HERE to shop the Miwak Junior pipes at SERRA.


Find out more about Miwak Junior | Website | Instagram
Photography by @thiscannabislife

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