CCC x Serra: In Conversation with Morgan English


This month, ahead of our L.A. Getaway, we’ve teamed up with one of our sponsors, Oregon-based Serra, a.k.a the  ‘Purveyors of Quality Drugs’. We reached out to six different creatives within the world of cannabis, and asked them to share their personal insights about the central Serra ‘feelings’ – Relaxation, Focus, Creativity, Happiness, Energy and Relief.

Morgan English on ENERGY…

Described by her clients as ‘professional, engaging and authentic’, Morgan English is the talented photographer and visionary behind @thiscannabislife. Always on the go, and sought by the industry’s leading brands for her flawless and sophisticated representations of cannabis culture, we thought it would be fitting to discuss the topic of ‘Energy’ with Morgan, and find out how she stays on top of things without burning out.

August Flat Lays-5778

What gets you going in the morning?

A lot of black coffe, iced, and a strong sativa, typically super lemon haze. My weekdays start with a morning workout followed by a five minute meditation to keep me energized throughout the work day.

Photoshoots can be long and tiring. How do you keep your energy up on set?

Whenever I’m shooting all day or multiple days back to back, I make sure I do the right kind of prep in advance, especially a day or two before. Prepping my props, wardrobe, shot list, etc, is truthfully the most helpful and crucial to keeping my energy up on set. If I leave room for error or don’t have a plan, my anxiety and stress seeps in and my energy will drop drastically. Immediately before I shoot, I make sure my coffee and water supply are ready and I eat something protein heavy to hold me over for a solid few hours. Then it’s shoot time!

August Flat Lays-5809

What’s your favourite cannabis strain or product to boost your energy?

There’s nothing a good dab can’t help me accomplish to be quite honest. Create 303 by Punchline Extracts is my current go to; it’s a wonderful sativa dominant hybrid that keeps me focused and uplifted without giving me any anxiety. Some of my other favorites include Permafrost, Sour Diesel, and Strawberry Banana.

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 21.06.37

How do you stop yourself from burning out?

I’ll let you know when I have it fully figured out! I try my best to keep up with self care practices that keep my stress down – medicated baths and stretching before bed. Eating foods that properly fuel me is also a large factor in being busy and not burning out.

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 22.08.42

Are you a hunter or a gatherer?

I’m a hunter. Whether it’s starting my own business or leading the crew on set, I’m a born go-getter. Even though I’m an introverted extrovert, I’m a hunter.

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 21.06.47.png

What makes you feel alive?

Meeting new people, hearing their stories and having the opportunity to connect with them. There is truly nothing better than that.

If you could wish for one change in the world what would it be?

Decriminalization of marijuana!

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 21.05.56

Do you have a mentor or inspirational figure who has guided or influenced you?

I have been really lucky to have not only one but three different mentors. Olivia Alexander, the queen behind the Kush Queens, Crystal Cult, The Budd, and more. Samantha Webster, the creator and founder of Fez. Last but most definitely not least, Mike, my better half and design genius. All of them have helped me get to where I am today; from branding to budgeting, it’s been a team effort through and through.

Do you have a motto that keeps you grounded when things get crazy?

Just show up.

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 21.07.15

You are what you eat – what do you nourish your body with to stay energized?

I am an odd balance of iced coffee, smoothies, and no bake energy bites. Since most of my life is now go go go, I tend to only eat one meal a day sitting in one place. My bag is normally packed with almonds, protein bars or bites, and you will always find me with an iced coffee in hand.


There’s more! We’re hosting an exclusive contest for L.A. residents, to win a photoshoot with Morgan – click here to view the details!

Images courtesy of Morgan English | Website | Instagram

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