Denver + Boulder 4/20 Travel Guide


Colorado has developed a reputation for being the home of stoners, best known by the rest of the world for its acceptance of cannabis. But as any connoisseur could tell you, there is so much more to the Colorado cannabis experience than just getting high.

Denver and Boulder, two large cities within an hour of one another, are home to some of the most unique and interesting businesses in the world. From upscale hat boutiques to modern tea lounges, these cities can offer a unique and personalized experience for anyone. You just have to know where to go.

We sent contributor Kristen Williams to explore this area for you and compile a list of some of her most interesting finds. Her printable travel guide is a diverse collection of tried-and-tested places, divided into categories – Style, Sip, Explore, Pamper, Cannabis, Munch, Sweet, and Stay. From modern tea lounges with free WiFi, to salons where you can indulge in a cannabis-enhanced massage, this compilation will guide you to some of the most interesting businesses to facilitate whatever activities you’re interested in doing this 4/20.

Colorado cannabis events have faced some challenges this 4/20 season, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a wonderful, cannabis-enhanced holiday. The cannabis lifestyle is all about exploring your curiosities and experiencing life to its fullest capacity. Whatever that means to you, we think you should do it!


Download the complete travel guide, with 50+ businesses listed, and be sure to let us know if you visited any of these places – we’d love to hear what you thought! If you’d like a little sneak peek preview of what’s in the guide, check out some galleries from our favourites below.

STAY (2)

OLIVERDEOffering the freshest, highest quality extra virgin olive oils and the most flavorful balsamic vinegars for your next culinary masterpiece – and you get to sample them.

REBECCA’S APOTHECARYYour source for quality botanicals; stocks handmade products, bulk ingredients, books, containers, herbal sundries and more.

STAY (3)

BOXCAR COFFEE ROASTERSAn exciting and diverse coffee experience complete with wine, chocolate & fresh deli.

PLATFORM TA unique and contemporary tea lounge offering pure and blended teas and drinks in a simple, inviting style.


NATIVE ROOTSHigh quality medical  recreational marijuana, extracts, infused products, and more with some of the most innovative and powerful branding on the market.

STAY (1)

ANGIE STARUnique, hand-crafted jewelry made on site using inspired, sustainable & ethically sourced materials.

BLUE RUBYFashionable clothes and detailed treasures from local designers and top fashion brands.

FRINJEA boutique highlighting “pay it forward” companies, each with their own unique stories.

GOORIN BROSHat shop with premium, American-made materials & accessories.

NOD & ROSEA classic yet contemporary clothing boutique with a down home feel that pulls style from East to West

PITAYAFresh merchandise every week and affordable USA-made labels.

ZEAL OPTICS | Environmentally-friendly sunglasses made of plant-based materials in a beautifully styled store.

STAY (2)

SNOOZE AM EATERYAn AM eatery whose menu changes seasonally for the freshest ingredients; all meals made from scratch. Favorite part: All the hidden action figures across the cafe. Can you spot them?

STAY (3)

MUDA facial bar and boutique shop featuring a thoughtfully-curated collection of all-natural skincare products from U.S. brands.

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