High Fashion – The Smoking Jacket


Gentleman’s Magazine of London put out the earliest description of what a classic smoking jacket would look like, “a kind of short robe de chambre, of velvet, cashmere, plush, merino or printed flannel, lined with bright colours.” A practical ‘at-home’ garment worn to keep ash off clothes and to protect one from the smell of smoke, it eventually became an acceptable piece of formal clothing. We love the concept of an elegant jacket worn for smoking, why not add a little bit of sophistication to your smoking ritual? Here are some of our modern picks, from the Classic to the more relaxed styles – which is your favourite?


Rips Xtra Thin Papers / Saint Laurent Velvet Blazer / Tsubota Pearl Lighter


Ceramic Smoking Pipe / Vilshenko Wool Cape / Tabitha Simmons Pouch


Tsubota Pearl Stick Lighter / Marni Wool Crep Jacket / Ombre Pipe


Illestseva Sunglasses / Barbour Quilted Jacket / Pax2 Vaporiser


Grav Labs Bubbler / Temperley Kimono Jacket / Moss Agate Box


Black MulticaseAgent Provocateur Kimono / Jasmin Candle

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