High on Innovation

The other week we sat down with Erin Green of Vela and Theorem, two established and impressive Seattle cannabis retailers. We talked all things weed, snacks and product development. Erin combined her background in public accounting and boutique management to help small businesses reach their full potential. When she consulted for BotanicaSEATTLE, a well-known cannabis edibles producer in Washington, her career trajectory was forever changed.

“I grew up in the heart of the ‘say no to drugs’ campaign, all those scary drug television ads totally worked on me,” said Erin. Having smoked once or twice in her teens, Erin wasn’t sold on cannabis. She felt sluggish and sleepy after having a few puffs of her friends’ joints, “now I know that I was getting sleepy because it was just the kind that was supposed to make you sleepy. Its not strange or crazy that it made me feel that way. There are other types of cannabis out there but of course I didn’t know any of that at the time.” At both Vela and Theorem customers are encouraged to ask questions and explore the wide range of experiences cannabis offers. “Whatever your first impression was, it may not necessarily be the overarching experience you can expect to have when you try cannabis again now.”

Cannabis innovation has skyrocketed with state-legalization. Technology and intellectual property has developed to bring us new hybrids, strong sativas, deep indicas, strains with extremely high THC and CBD, but also a variety of new ways to consume cannabis.

Erin’s Top New Products:

1. Strain Specific Vape Cartridges

Many people shy away from cannabis because they don’t like to smoke dry flower; it may not feel good in their lungs, they may not like the taste or the smell, or they simply don’t like the aesthetic. Vaping is a great alternative to the classic joint.

Circana’s Agent Orange CO2 Cartridge

Erin’s go-to is something Vela categorizes as a Flourish – a sativa-leaning hybrid cannabis vaping oil. Circana’s Agent Orange CO2 cartridge is right up our alley. With slight citrus tones, it comes with both a kick in flavour and energy. “Vaping is a really good alternative to day drinking,” says Erin, “if I start drinking before 4pm its nap time, so I just vape. Its a really good way for me to keep a little bit of a buzz and when that tapers off I take a bit from my vaping cartridge and I get right back in there.”

2. Edibles

Edibles have evolved a long way from the make-shift weed brownies that your friends older brother made in high school. Though a good weed brownie may never go out of style, there are now alternatives to the rich classic.


Moxey’s Mints

“I love food, I’m on a constant rotation of chocolates, brownies, cookies, but my favourite right now is the Moxey’s Mints.” Containing just 5mg of THC, Moxey’s Mints are the perfect on-the-go edible. With three different types (CBD, peppermint and cinnamon) you are bound to find one that hits the spot. Erin’s favourite is the peppermint mint, “its more on the energetic side of the spectrum and with only 5 mg, it is a nice mellow dosage. They are my constant go-to, they are always around.”

Oakor Mouth Slips

Mints aren’t your only option if you want a low-dosage, inconspicuous edible. Cue Oakor Mouth Slips (yes, they actually work!). “I usually put it under my tongue rather than on my tongue, it get absorbed into your capillaries, so you feel the effects a little bit faster.” Much like Moxie’s Mints, Oakor Mouth Slips come in a variety of flavours and combinations. The 1:1 CBD THC is Erin’s choice, while relaxing the body it still provides you with a great, positive buzz. “If I’m going to a concert I will have one that will make me more energetic, but if i just want to sit and unwind at the end of the day, then I’ll take an indica and relax.”


Ruby’s Cannabis Sugar

If you are looking to appease your sweet tooth my favourite new product, and one of Erin’s, is cannabis sugar. You really use it just like regular sugar; you can stir it in your coffee or your tea, bake with it, or even mix it with cinnamon and put it on toast. This product really takes the guesswork out of homemade cannabis edibles. “Each of the sugar packets has 10 mg in it. So, if you were making a batch of cookies and you wanted each cookie to have 5 mg, then you would just put the appropriate amount of cannabis infused sugar in it and supplement with plain sugar to get the ratio correct. As long as you stir it up well, you should in theory have a good homogenized homemade edible.”

3. Topicals

Despite common misconceptions, cannabis doesn’t necessarily need to be smoked or eaten to be enjoyed. Whether soaking it up in the tub after a long day of work or massaging it on your feet after a big hike, topicals are a blessing to sore muscles. “I am a huge fan of topicals, I go back and forth between Mary’s 1:1 CBD THC Compound Topical by Circanna and Fairwinds makes a CBD Topical gel.” 

We are slowly entering the post-prohibition era of cannabis and product development is at an all time high. Expect to see more options available as the industry develops and more awesome people challenge scientific expectations and baking norms.

Erin’s Top Tip

Talk to as may people as possible before choosing a product. Everyone has different preferences in terms of method, dosage and experience. Explore your options and chose what is right for you.

Words by Rachel G

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