High Tea at Farmacy London

IMG_6519 copy

During London Food Month, I attended London’s first ever CBD infused Afternoon Tea, hosted by Farmacy. Based in Notting Hill, Farmacy offers an array of delicious plant-based dishes inspired from around the globe, and supports both a vegan and vegetarian diet, free from dairy, refined sugars, additives and chemicals. Farmacy is a game changing lifestyle brand. It represents a positive lifestyle choice which connects people to source, self and community through healthy and holistic eating.

Guests were greeted with an Elderflower, Hibiscus & Gin Spritz cocktail, infused with CBD (sourced legally from licensed growers and tested for advanced purity and potency using organic methods).

I noticed there was a mixed crowd – a young couple sat next to me discussing summer festivals, a few tables a long a group of young women were chatting and giggling over their cocktails, and there was even a family with kids. The staff seemed really keen to share what was on the menu, and went into a lot of detail about the process of sourcing and extracting CBD, and its benefits. 

IMG_6520 copy

The 3-tiered tea towers (there’s a new tongue twister!) were created especially for the event, and mine arrived looking every inch a showstopper. 

IMG_6523 copy

The bottom tier was a selection of savoury bites, including a twist on the cucumber sandwich – a cucumber & pea roll with caraway & borage seeds. The pulled jackfruit taco with fresh chilli & popcorn cress was sublime (I saw a few people ask for extras).

IMG_6522 copy.jpg

The middle tier was full of familiar names but with unexpected flavors – the Victoria sponge with vanilla cream and chia & raspberry jam made me melt into my seat (perhaps the relaxing effects of CBD were kicking in by this point? Or maybe it was the gin…?) When trying the orange & marble cheesecake, it was impressive to think that the entire menu was vegan and gluten free.

IMG_6521 copy

The CBD truffles at the top were the highlight for me, and by this point the cannabis tea I had also been served was starting to make me want to stay there forever. At the end, I briefly chatted with one of the staff, who said she hoped that this would become a regular thing. London is well-known for its famous Afternoon Teas, but I have yet to experience something like this anywhere else, and hope to see more CBD culinary events in London soon.

Want to learn more about CBD? Click here.

Words & Photos by Marina, Editor-in-Chief

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