Introducing – Mister Green

Say hello to Mister Green – a friendly shop for high minded people.

Mister Green is a lifestyle brand and retailer based in Los Angeles that distinguishes itself through a minimalist design sensibility and dedication to a new level of cultural sophistication evolving within smoking culture. Presently, Mister Green stocks an assembly of items that are made for leisure time at home, from pottery to pipes, ceramic stoneware by Summerland, literature and music to apothecary goods.

To celebrate the launch of the brand new website, we had a chat with Mister Green himself, to find out a little bit more about his background, habits and favourite things.


Has cannabis always been a part of your life in a big way?

Yes, for most of my life. I’ve always been drawn to ‘bad stuff,’ I grew up skateboarding– I knew about smoking pot from a very young age, and I smoked for the first time when I was about 9 years old with a neighbor kid. He was only a couple years older, and had a coke-can pipe and a little bit of moldy old bud he had stolen from his sister. I don’t even remember getting high from it.

There were a few head-shops within about a mile of my parent’s house in Portland, Oregon that I would check out, one of them sold Jolt Cola out of a vintage vending machine, the other had a giant counter culture magazine rack that stocked everything from Heavy Metal magazine to R. Crumb. Fond memories.

 What are some of your favorite items from the store?

I love Eunbi’s Humidors, particularly the ones she made especially for the shop. I love the Peace caps, and the Midori-San shirts. I love Summerland’s Chongo bong! Probably my favorite product isn’t even up on the site yet… I worked with Maak Lab in Portland to create Mister Green Fragrance 01, called “Hippie Shit” in honor of my parents. I’m so happy with the way it turned out, it’s a palo santo based perfume spray with notes of labdanum, mushroom, patchouli and a few other essentials– in the end it smells like Palo Santo after it’s burned. It’s classic, masculine– but definitely unisex, and it really explains what I am trying to “do” with Mister Green.



What is your local cannabis community like?

It’s Los Angeles…I feel like everyone partakes here! It’s great, and there is almost zero stigma nor pretence. I celebrated 4/20 at Virgil Normal, where Summerland had a Bong Art Show and a BBQ on the shop’s patio– it was perfect.


What advice would you give to someone new to cannabis, looking to have a positive experience?

Less is more! Try a very mellow spliff, or even CBD first. Enjoy in nature and with people you love.

Describe your perfect smoking/chill out den.

I made a brand book of sorts for Mister Green, which included this:

Green Aura – “Somewhere in California, it’s a Saturday morning. Seated in leather sling chair in the middle of a sunlit room surrounded by hanging Tillandsia, you sit with pen to paper outlining your upcoming road trip through Portugal and northern Spain with a hot cup of coffee and slowly burning joint.”

What’s your daily uniform? 

99% of the time – Converse Shoes, specifically those circa 1980s, and made in USA. I own a lot! Dickies Painter Pants. Super cheap, perfectly fitting (very roomy and relaxed, but oddly well fitting on the butt and hips), come in white and beige. Almost any tee shirt will do, so I end up wearing my own a lot.. it’s almost always shirt weather in LA.


What’s your home environment like? 

I’ve been collecting vintage pottery and pieces from Eunbi, who makes most of the pottery at Mister Green. I love simple and classic, but quirky, things. Mid century furniture is nice, but I almost prefer more basic forms– this piece from Dusk Designs sums it up. Like my shop, most things in my apartment are white, beige, or grey in tone. For the home, I feel the best things are natural, or whose pureness is highlighter or accentuated (the Japanese are the best at doing that)– natural wood, pottery, fabrics. I use plants and flowers to add color. I burn palo santo and piñon all the time, on occasion though, I’ll light a Maison Marie Louis candle.




What music have you been listening to lately?

Kindness, an amazing musician and public figure. Both of his records ‘World You Need a Change of Mind’ and ‘Otherness’ are on regular rotation, as are his mixes and occasional interviews (his RBMA Paris 2015 lecture is essential. I also love Aan Zee when I’m in a freaky psychedelic mood.

What’s on your reading list?

Right now I’m reading Barbarian Days by William Finnegan…its amazing. I’ve just read The Wicked Ways of Malcolm McLaren and I’ll likely make another attempt at The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up soon… and I try to keep up with the Joneses via NY Times Style, High Snobiety, It’s Nice That, and for weed matters you guys at Canna Curious are very helpful. I’m also reading The Cultivators Handbook of Marijuana, learning how to grow weed from an awesome 1970s manual!

What are some of your favourite places to eat in LA?

I moved to LA around 6 months ago, and I’ve found Jonathan Gold’s 101 Best Restaurants map particularly useful. I never realized this city is, in my mind, the perfect food mecca. Literally all types of cuisine, usually inexpensive– a true cross section of the globe’s unique cultures served fresh!

And finally, what are you smoking?

I love Blue Cheese which I refer to as Joie de Vivre (when I open a dispensary, I’ll rename everything like they do in rose gardens– nickname then genus) for the way it makes me feel, and I’ll roll joints 99% of the time. But when I’m feeling fancy, I’ll grab The Land Yacht from Summerland Ceramics.

Find out more – Mister Green Life Store / Instagram / Twitter
Images courtesy of Mister Green / John Clayton Lee

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