Love & Mary Jane – College Sweethearts


In this series we interview couples from around the world, and share some of their insights about how they feel cannabis is a significant part of their relationship.

Q. How did you meet, and when did you discover that cannabis was something you both enjoyed?

Ryan and I met at Columbia College in good old Chi town IL. We had a class called Managerial Economics together that was every Thursday night. On the first day of class, he was the first person I noticed as I walked into the classroom. I instantly had a crush on him, and for the whole semester I kept my distance because I was too shy to say anything to him. I didn’t think he noticed me, and apparently he was thinking the same thing. We ended up finally connecting on MySpace of all places on our last day of class. I decided to be a creep and look him up and friend request him – my excuse was going to be that I was checking out his music page. He accepted my request and wrote me a message. I freaked. We started messaging about various hip-hop artists we liked and something else we both liked – weed. Those two topics were pretty good ice breakers. 7 years later we are engaged and loving life together more than ever.

Q. What are some of your favourite things to do together?

Some of our favorite things to do together would be enjoying cannabis, listening to music, working on our businesses and watching French bulldog puppy videos on YouTube. 

Q. Tell us about a recent ‘high’ adventure you went on.

We have a lot of ‘high’ adventures. The most recent would be last weekend when we went to Vegas for my 26th bday. Needless to say we were vaping our Bhang stick the whole time. I managed to win $18 while Ryan killed it at the poker table. 

Q. Are you planning to incorporate cannabis into your wedding celebrations? 

I would love to incorporate cannabis into our wedding celebrations. It would be cool to have an “open bar” set up, but for cannabis. Neither of us are really drinkers. 

Q. Tell us a little bit about your wedding plans.

At the moment we haven’t set any formal plans. We are thinking maybe fall of 2017 in either Chicago or California. We don’t want anything too crazy, just our family and close friends is what matters most to us – and throwing a DOPE party. We jus want everyone to have a good time. 

Q. What advice would you give to other couples, for a successful and happy relationship?

Some advice for other couples… Appreciate the little things. The special moments you both share are what matters most. It’s easy to let yourself stress over situations that cause us to be fearful. Try not to take it out on your other half. You should always be there to listen and support each other. Always try to build each other up instead of knocking each other down. Ryan is my team mate, we are both in this game together.

Check out Brittany’s InstagramWebsite (she has some pretty awesome vintage pieces and customised stash jars for sale!)

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