Love & Mary Jane – High Hipsters

High Hipsters

In this series we interview couples from around the world, and share some of their insights about how they feel cannabis is a significant part of their relationship.

Q. How did you meet, and when did you discover that cannabis was something you both enjoyed?  

We met through an online dating website. I, Alice, had joined when I first moved to Los Angeles wanting to meet people with similar interests. We both specified that we were very 420 friendly on our profiles, so by the time we met up in person we were getting to know each other over a bowl of Banana Kush!

Q. Tell us about a recent ‘high adventure’ you went on. 

We just went horse back riding together for the first time. We went at sunset and it was absolutely gorgeous! We were able to park, smoke up in the car and then hop on a horse for a guided trail tour just outside the city. We can’t wait to go back!

Q. What are some of your favourite places to visit high?

Clark and I love to go to the movies high! Since we live in Hollywood, we’re surround by the movie industry and we live right down the street from the Arclight Hollywood and the El Captain Theatre so we try at least once a week to smoke up, walk over, and see a show. 

Q. Has there been a particularly transformational moment in your relationship, involving cannabis? 

The last time we went back to visit Clark’s family, his Dad was curious about medical marijuana and felt like he could open up to us. We never really shared our love for cannabis until then, but it was a really positive experience for us to be able to take pride in our knowledge and educate a family member together. 

And here’s the full video!

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