Love & Mary Jane – The Space Cadets

In this series we interview couples from around the world, and share some of their insights about how they feel cannabis is a significant part of their relationship.

Q: How did you discover that smoking weed was something you both enjoyed?

The discussion first came up even before we physically met. I (Gab) have never been a regular smoker because I never had a regular smoking circle I guess. It is such a big part of Adam’s life being a pipe maker so we needed to have it out in the open early on. Since moving to the east coast of Australia and getting access to cannabis strains I have enjoyed it a lot more knowing what I’m smoking. It’s a great way to relax together and it helps with our stress levels.

Q: Do you have similar tastes when it comes to cannabis strains?

Over here unfortunately you take what you can get most of the time. We are lucky to know what we are smoking but don’t often have a choice. I’m (Gab) really fussing. I like Indica strains and won’t generally smoke Sativa. Adam generally prefers Indica strains as well but we take what we can get most of the time. We’ve had access to some Sweet Baby Jane recently which we have both really enjoyed.

Q: Has there been a particulary transformational moment in your relationship?

Deciding to move across Australia and make pipe making our full time job has definitely been transformational. Adam had wanted to do glass full time in Australia after spending time in the States and becoming quite successful. We didn’t know how it would translate over here with the governments harsh view on cannabis and the market flooded with cheap Chinese imported glass. Like all businesses, we are starting slow but have had great success in the Australian market. It’s stressful but we have learnt a lot about each other and it has brought us closer together.

Q: Can you share one piece of advice about maintaining a healthy relationship?

An honest and open communication is key to being happy. Voicing things that don’t make you happy and being able to talk about it is important. You never progress if you can’t be honest with each other. The other thing is laughter. When times are tough being able to have fun, laugh and relax is such a good stress relief. There are a lot of pranks and scares going on in our house. I think that’s where the cannabis comes in, it helps to relax and takes the edge off life.

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