Puff Puff Pen Pals – Friends in High Places


Canna Curious Club is dedicated to building a community for cannabis lovers across the world. While social media can be an incredible visual tool for connecting, we firmly believe there’s nothing like good old snail mail when it comes to building authentic relationships. Canna Curious Club is based in London, but we have established connections with people all over the world, from Toronto to Australia – so we decided to start a fun & interactive new project called Puff Puff Pen Pals!

Our editorial contributor Kristen Williams volunteered to be our first Pen Pal, and we each spent over a month putting together our Puff Puff packages. The challenge was to send things related to cannabis without ever actually sending anything illegal. Below, we’ve got the inside scoop on the packages from London and Missouri that traded places.

London – Missouri


“When I first saw CCC’s box, my heart skipped a beat. It was a package from London, and it looked it! The box displayed an ornate K, with copper tape and a classy “first class” tag.”


“Opening the box was a thrill. Being the design nerd I am, I was completely fascinated by all the typography I was seeing.”


“The package had a beautifully illustrated card, delicious chocolate from the famous Fortnum & Mason, a box of matches, tea, a shot glass, bath oil, a stash jar, and lots of  little paper goods.”


“Opening the package was a glimpse into CCC’s London lifestyle. For a while I completely immersed myself in exploring all of the contents. It was thrilling to hold things that came from such a great distance and know that they came from a friend who had hand-selected them for me. Now the items make me smile every time I see them embedded into my Midwest suburbia lifestyle – they’re my little taste of London in Missouri!”

Missouri – London


“When Kristen’s package landed on our doorstep, we felt so humbled and excited that she was willing to share a little bit of her world with us! It’s the best feeling in the world when you know a friend has carefully hand-picked so many wonderful gifts, just for you!”


“It was pretty cool to see some examples of all the different types of cannabis packaging Kristen had collected.”


“Kristen also included a bunch of goodies from her recent visit to the Women Grow conference in Colorado.”


“We loved all the canna-collateral she had collected too – so interesting to see all the different approaches to design and packaging in the US cannabis industry.”

Like this idea? We’d love to get more of our community to take part in this little experiment – send us an email to info@cannacuriousclub.com & let’s spread some more love. 

Words by Kristen Williams & Canna Curious Club | Photos by Kristen Williams

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