Q&A with Britni Sweet, Founder of Love+Destroy

Love + Destroy is a women-owned, New York based modern lifestyle brand created to redefine how you think about and utilize your leisure time, offering a collection of products and accessories that are thoughtfully designed for a rapidly evolving smoking culture.

We had a quick catch up with Founder and Pratt Institute graduate, Britni Sweet, who applies a combination of cutting edge 3D printing technology and the touch of hand finishing in every piece.

Love+Destroy Bird PipeWhat inspired the name ‘Love+Destroy’?

Creating a name for your company is very challenging, because it announces and represents what you stand for; you want the vibe it’s conveying to be accurate to your style and product concepts. Love + Destroy, while referencing many things, to me it explains the juxtaposition of life, the ups the downs, the blacks and whites, the ying and yangs. There is never a positive without a negative, that is just a fact of life. When you have something you love, you use it until it is destroyed because of the constant use. I want my brand to offer products that people will have to keep and take care of, gift to friends or even pass down to family despite how much it has been used and worn.  The moment I said the name Love + Destroy out loud, I knew it was the right one!

Love + Destroy Bird PipeHow did you discover 3D printing?

As with most industrial designers, I have played around with the technology and was taught from my formal education at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, but I wasn’t  also so focused on it. However, I was noticing that the quality, price and types of materials you could print was improving so much these last couple of years. It really caused me to take it seriously and see the possibilities it offered specifically to my design style. I didn’t have to make molds or get anything casted, all I had to do was send them an STL file and I would receive the finished product in two weeks. After receiving my first print, I became addicted.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced as a cannabis accessory brand?

It’s definitely been a challenge to balance my appreciation for cannabis and my lifestyle brand’s visions, while also being wary of the state and federal laws especially being based in New York. There are pros and cons of designing and selling cannabis accessories, on one hand not every company wants to sell pipes like they sell other gift items and on the other hand there are so little highly designed pipes that you have a better chance of being picked up than other small gift items! It is truly a catch 22. I am just hoping that the design world will finally open their eyes to cannabis accessories and start taking it seriously.

Love + Destroy Bird Pipe BlackWhat inspires/influences your creative design process?

To me it’s been a great insight to try and lift some of the stigma connected to smoking, by creating a universe of highly designed products that you can proudly display in your home. I am truly inspired by the simplicity and elegance of Scandinavian design, the idea of less being more. With that design theory instilled in my brain, I then build each product with 3D printing in mind, you need to be smart about the shapes and sizes if you are going to have an item available for wholesale.

Image 89What is your preferred method of consuming cannabis?

Depends on the situation; a one hitter is always great for concerts, bars and traveling. While smoking alone at home or a quick toke before I walk out the door, I use my Stem Pipe. And of course, there’s nothing like a good old fashioned joint to pass around and kick it with friends.

Love + Destroy Bird Pipe LifestyleWhat does a typical day look like for you?

First thing in the morning, I take my dog Lily for a walk then I grab breakfast from my favorite New York diner, Mike’s and spend the rest of the morning following up on emails, and tallying what needs to be done and sent where. As a business owner no two days are the same and the to-do list is always never ending. The afternoons are usually spent filling orders to pack and ship, errands to the post office, and maintaining my inventory which can include sewing more pillows, pouches or pouring candles. When a large shipment comes in from the 3D printing manufacturers, an entire afternoon can be spent on just quality inspections.  And, of course, taking time to maintain, organize and shoot for my social media platforms which I curate all myself. During the evenings, I’ll relax and often go over to my good friends apartments to hang out, chill, smoke, talk… Even though I live in “the big city,” I’m not really one for the night life and find it much more fun to keep it low key with good company.

What are some of your favorite cannabis products?

My favorite cannabis products are going to have to be the CHILLPILL pipe from Farbod Ceramics based out of The Netherlands and The Stoned Circle necklace from High Society Collection. Although, I really need to get my hands on a Levo Oil Infuser!

Love + Destroy Smoking One HitterWhat’s the cannabis scene like in NYC at the moment?

Let’s put it this way, it is nothing like the west coast! People are definitely starting to get into it with groups like HIGH NY and CannaGather. I do know of a couple cannabis brands out here but not many. I do however see more and more boutiques that are willing to accept the idea of selling smoking accessories. I know it is a little bit more tricky because we still have to get around legality and politics. We just don’t have the open community and events like Portland and Los Angeles yet, I am really hoping in the next couple years we can change that!

Have you got any special new products coming out for the holiday season?

One of our holiday releases is going to be my new one hitter kits in the hand(made) line; they come in 6 different color schemes both solid and patterned. I designed them for on-the-go kind of folks, if you have one of my one hitters you will surely need somewhere to put it. It is a convenient little pouch that is sold separately or in a bundle with a one hitter, a small container, and a lighter. You can even throw in some papers, what more could you need? It is both practical and stylish. I am also very excited to start introducing limited colors into my machine(made) line and I will have the majority of my porcelain products available in matte rose, gloss blush and matte mist green.


Love + Destroy Bird Pipes Black White

Bird Pipe | $70


Cube Tealights | $48

Love + Destroy Pebble Ashtray

Pebble Ashtray | $28

Love + Destroy Black White Candles Speckled

Black & White Speckle Candles | $23

Visit Love+Destroy to check out these products, and more.

Photos courtesy of Love+Destroy

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