Q&A with Mike Perry

Have you all been watching Broad City Season 4? We’re happily burning through our limited edition rolling papers with each episode tee hee. If not, all you lucky US folk can watch the episodes here.

We love the animated intro almost as much as the comedy duo, so we want to talk about the awesome artist behind it. Our friends at Laurence King Publishing caught up with artist, illustrator and all round man about NYC Mike Perry to find out more about a more recent collaboration, the super cool Broad City Colouring Book

As well as the chance to customise Mike’s playful drawings, the book is full of fun activities to keep you amused between episodes. Here’s the lowdown from Mike on how the book came about…

How did you first meet Abbi and Ilana? Was it really at Art Basel, or at the pizza place around the corner?
You’ll have to forgive me but my memory is not that great. So maybe it was at a pizza place, I’m not sure, I just don’t remember. I am pretty sure it was just Abbi and I and we were down at the Mandarin Oriental in Miami. It is quite possible there were some cans of Evian oxygen involved. Ilana on the other hand, we met in a Comedy Central conference room.

Did you hit it off immediately?
It’s one of those things you just know immediately and you run with it. That’s just it, it was automatic. An easy, wide open, collaborative partnership from the very beginning.

It looks like you had a lot of fun creating the titles for the TV show, was that really the first animation that you’ve done?
It’s an absolute blast! And yes, it was my first animation for television, my first animation for real, not just me fucking around.

Abbi is something of a colouring book veteran, was she involved with the process or was she happy for you to just get on with it?
We have a very trusting relationship, we always have. She just let me go at it, no interjection, just total support. I could not have asked for a better set-up.

It looks like you had a lot of fun making the book, was there anything that was too cheeky to include?
There were a few bits that had to come out, too cheeky to probably mention here, but honestly I was more shocked in the amount of things that actually stayed in the book. I think that’s one of the best things about the book was that everyone involved was like let’s go for it.”

Colour is so central to your work, so how did you go about designing without using it? Were you tempted to start colouring stuff in?
All of my work, including my paintings, all start in the drawing phase. It is the foundation to my image making process. So, it was natural to create with the anticipation of their future colorization.”

If you were a colour, what colour would you be?
Sea foam blue.

Which colour do you always run out of first?
That’s an easy one, Fluorescent Pink, every time…

The Broad City Colouring Book is out now! Grab your copy here, and use code CANNACURIOUS.

Words & images courtesy of Laurence King Publishing.

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