The new era of Avon Ladies and door to door salesmen has arrived. Van der Pop’s SESSION combines the ease of in-home sales with women’s demand for relatable marijuana products. Gone are the days of shyly smoking your brother’s stash out of your bedroom window or waiting for someone to offer you a joint at a house party – women are claiming their space. Van der Pop is posh pot.

I attended Van der Pop’s SESSION in Seattle, Washington a few weeks ago and honestly did not know what to expect. I’m an avid smoker but have felt a disconnection between my toker-identity and what is available to me when I walk into my local pot shop. I heard about Van der Pop from a few friends and finally decided to attend one of their events. Here is what I learned.

There are just as many ways to consume your stash as there are shoes in my closet.


I thought I was lost when I first arrived at the SESSION venue. Hidden behind a hip restaurant and up a flight of dimly lit stairs, was a well laid table of pretty much every lady-stoner’s dream goodie bag. From FEZ vapes, Goodship pastilles, Ruby Sugar, Stonedware Pottery, to Pax vaporizers, Potful Gifts cards, High Society Collection joint clips and even Van der Pop’s own branded stash jars, they were stocked. As attendees arrived conversation buzzed surrounding the exhibited goods. Everyone seemed to have different favourites depending on what high they were going for.

Explore your high.


Whether you’re running errands, cuddling up on the sofa, or attending a dinner party, there is a high for you. Experience is no longer limited to indica or sativa; how you consume now plays a bigger role than ever before.

Flower Vaping: toasting your dry herb at different temperatures releases CBD and THC at separate rates, optimizing effects. Try starting at a lower temperature for a subtler buzz.

Edibles: no longer limited to pot brownies, RubySugar Crystals allows you to create edibles from anything you bake! You can even add this THC infused sugar to your coffee on a lazy Sunday morning to take your wake-n-bake to a whole new level.

Joints: classic can be glamorous. Try stepping up your joint game with a joint holder – there are so many new options to choose from so you can express your personality and your fingers won’t reek of burnt papers.

So She Smokes – Find Your Lady Gang.


The most important thing I learned from attending Van der Pop’s SESSION was that there is a whole community of posh pot consumers. Everyone in attendance broke the stereotypes associated with the “stoner” identity – sassy, energetic, powerful women who share a common interest: pot. They are able to rock a business meeting, wear six-inch heels, and roll a great blunt.

For all my lady-stoners who are proud cannabis consumers: join the conversation, build your gang, and explore new products and new highs. I loved my SESSION and I loved my post-SESSION high.

Click here to learn more about Van der Pop’s SESSIONS.

Words: Rachel G.
Images: Van der Pop / Bess Byers (@imcannabess) / Morgan English (@thiscannabislife)

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