Introducing – Slow Roll Society

Our box of goodies from Slow Roll Society finally landed in our hands last weekend and we’ve spent the week sampling and photographing the beautiful handpicked rolling papers we were sent by Carmela Markela, President of Slow Roll Society.

In her own words, “If you’re like me, you enjoy elegance, design and a great smoking experience.  I’m excited to share with you my collection of unique and beautiful rolling papers, tips and other surprises from all over the world.  Slow Roll Society welcomes all creative people who share my aim: aesthetic pleasure for all slow rollers!  Treat yourself, or spoil your favorite stoner with a Slow Roll Society curated gift box for the ultimate smoking experience. Enjoy with good company and stay classy!”

Each gift box can be customised from a selection of beautifully designed products, like these Bambu papers which would look right at home on the set of Mad Men.

Among the growing variety of styles is an opportunity to show your unique identity as a cannabis smoker. We had fun inventing different smoke kits for various personalities, for example this ‘Tackle Box’ below, belonging to a Jacque Cousteau type modern-day marine explorer (spot on, I did Photoshop a joint in his hand but you guys can just imagine it because copyright laws etc. And yes that fish is also a lighter!)

We are thrilled to debut this unique service not just to the cannabis community but to newcomers especially; it is a fine example of the high-end aesthetic that is becoming more prominent within the cannabis industry, after being misrepresented for so long by low-brow associations, and ‘pothead’ cliches.

Find out more: Slow Roll Society / Instagram / Twitter

Images: Canna Curious Club (Copyright 2015)

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