Trailblazers – Q&A with Tetra

If you are a design-conscious smoker, there’s nothing quite like Tetra. Back in September when this unique smoke shop first launched, news quickly started to spread and despite its (some might say) controversial stock it has already rightfully earned respectful press in some of today’s most progressive style and design publications.


In the run-up to the festive season, we caught up with Eviana Hartman, one of the founders, to find out how they’ve made an impact on changing cannabis culture stereotypes by introducing high quality, design-led products that ‘elevate the smoke-filled room’.

Q. How does it feel to be one of the first high-end brands in an unchartered industry?

EH – We’re thrilled that people are responding to what we’re doing. It’s exciting to be doing something new and changing the conversation around an old ritual.

Q. In terms of your customers, what is it that makes Tetra attractive to modern smokers?

EH – People respond to objects that have a story to tell. We try to offer functional items that also serve as conversation pieces and interesting objects in their own right. And things that have a sense of fun.

0001-99581955Q. Have you encountered any challenges along the way?

EH – Most of the challenges we face are the same as any small business – operations and logistics, that sort of thing. We have run into some resistance from designers and press who are mildly scandalized by what we’re doing and refuse to participate, but most people are excited.

0001-99579998Q. What are some of your favourite pieces from the current collection?

EH – We’re all particularly excited about Andrew O. Hughes’s table lighter and ashtray set made from dichroic glass that changes color in the light. Haciendaware’s gradient pipes are really popular and fun. We each have our own preferences – I personally love Lee West’s mirrored vanity box, Fort Standard’s spherical copper container, Tsubota Pearl’s Queue Stick lighter, and Fundamental Berlin’s affordable marble ashtray (which I personally own).0001-99586709Tetra_AndrewHughes_Octahedron1_1024x1024Tetra offers exquisite accessories exclusively created by designers such as the acclaimed designer Tom Dixon, and Apparatus Studio, as well as hand-picked vintage pieces and accessories that enhance the smoking experience. There is a substantial range when it comes to price, but Tetra is for those smokers wishing to put some extra thought into the way they consume cannabis. We are eager to see what treasures they will have in store for us next.

Images: Courtesy of Tetra

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