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Cannabis travel is booming – from 4/20 friendly B&B’s to guided terpene tours,  there are plenty of options to choose from. But it can be a little bit overwhelming, especially for first-timers. We chatted to the team behind Traveling DAB™, a bespoke cannabis travel company that promises personalised, hand-crafted itineraries & premiere travel guidance for one-of-a-kind travel experiences, to try and understand a little bit more about what’s available out there.

What are your backgrounds & why did you decide to start a cannabis travel company?

Traveling DAB™ began as an Instagram movement in 2014, focusing on ‘doing activities better’ in the cannabis community. The idea to turn it into a business started on our journey through recreational America in 2016 – Alaska, Colorado, Oregon & Washington. We founded the first recreational cannabis travel consultant group, a women-minority owned partnership. We wanted to be able to guide and educate other people about affordable cannatravel.

We did extensive research on how American recreational marijuana laws functioned in each of the four legal states. We gathered for sessions & met with experts in the cannabis industry, which gave us intensified awareness about cannabis growth climates, dispensary sales, extraction of THC concentrates, cooking and baking of edibles, the art of glass-blowing, healing qualities of CBD, dabbing vs pipes vs rolling up etc. We both trained to use the leading travel consultant software in the market in order to be able to develop à la carte 4/20 itineraries using our personal experiences from traveling the globe.

The curiosity of those who approach us is what keeps us going in the hopes of cannatravel one day becoming legal nationwide.

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What’s the process you take people through, to create a bespoke travel experience?

We begin by asking our clients to fill out our free Travel Consultation Questionnaire, to give us insight into our clients’ travel requirements. Most importantly, we like to find out right away what kind of experience our cannatravellers expect: social, active or relaxing. We also like to find out if they have tried cannabis before or ever visited a legal marijuana dispensary/coffee shop.

Once we have all their information, we provide two main services: à la carte itineraries & elite packages. The à la carte itineraries are a $100 flat-rate to serve as a daily guide that can be followed along on your smart device using the Traveling DAB™ app.

Flexible elite packages start at $800+, this includes the price of an à la carte itinerary & all reservations, including our 30% Cannatravel Consultant worry-free fee worked into the mix. This is our best value option because we include everything booked in advance for you – flights, car rental, hotel reservations, tour tickets, food vouchers, activities, local discounts, product samples and our BREATHER Box™. 

We follow up with our Cannatrip Style Survey after the ball is already rolling. Once a trip is confirmed, we will email a personalized link to download the offline itinerary, which is integrated with Google Maps for accurate location & Yelp for reviews and photos, to learn more about the restaurants, tours, dispensaries, etc. The best way to stay in touch with us during your trip is through the in-app messaging feature of the Traveling DAB™ app. Prior to departure, travellers will be sent an electronic Legal Consent Form via email highlighting all laws during their trip. 

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What kind of goodies can people expect in their BREATHER Box™, and does it vary depending on which state they are visiting?

Our BREATHER Box™ is a care package of carefully selected goodies, samples & treats sent via mail prior to departure, including our signature Traveling DAB™ bamboo storage tube. Everything provided in the BREATHER Box™ is legal, per each state’s guidelines, which means there are no cannabis products.

For those who like cannabis concentrates, we provide a SourceVapes Source 10 Cig with a v5 quartz coil for discreet & on-the-go dabbing. This can be refilled with any wax, shatter, bubble hash or crumble purchased in one of the legal dispensaries on their 420-itinerary. For the glass-collecting consumers, we will include a special piece blown by our friends at Bayshore Smokin’ Glass in Oregon. We also include other essentials like rolling papers, dab containers/tools, BIC lighter, air freshener, waxed hemp wick, collectible hemp seeds etc.


What is your most memorable trip?

Hands down, our most memorable trip must be the time we got up and drove to the large & marvellous state of Alaska from our home in Florida. During this experience, we encountered so many people in the cannabis industry with open arms. They just took us by the hand to show us the ropes. These people supported us in starting the first recreational cannabis travel consultant group because they believe in the cannabis community & they believe we can change the future. We can break the stigma of how the world sees cannabis users. A place like Alaska, the last frontier, is a slice of heaven that we believe all should get to journey to – with cannabis, of course!

What kind of activities do you recommend for travellers who have never tried cannabis before?

We have three levels – social, active & relaxing. ‘Social’ travel may consist of participating in local events, attending live concerts/festivals, special tickets to a nearby lounge or cannabis club that provides on-site smoking sessions, as well as meet & greets with influential people. ‘Active’ travel may consist of hiking through incredible terrain, visiting national parks, taking a BREATHER off the beaten path or road-tripping through the states. ‘Relaxing’ travel may consist of shopping, spa treatments, much needed pool and jacuzzi time, ganja yoga sessions, meditative BREATHER experiences & coffee-shop hopping.

We have acquired business partnerships with what we call ‘city mentors’ in most cities of the four legal states we provide services to. These are people we consider cannafamily that Traveling DAB™ can trust & rely on to give quality guidance to any novice cannabis consumer. For travel taking place in remote areas where we do not have city mentors available, we will provide a one-on-one live chat, guiding you how to properly consume cannabis in a safe & comfortable environment. 

What are some of your favorite cannabrands and products?

We’re just going to go out on a whim naming a few of our top favorites in no particular order, we may very well be missing some: Raw Life, Source Vapes, Puffco, Wana Gummies, Dreem CBD, Juicy Jays, Blue Kudu Chocolates, AM Delight, Dutch Masters, BIC Lighters, WoodStalk Bamboo, Cannabees Honey Stix, Candy Cultivation, Highly Edibles, Dixie Elixirs, Cheeba Chews, La Cubana, Oracle Cookies, Korova, Mary’s Medicinals, Baked Alaska, Kiva Confections, Organabus, Heavenly Buds, Ballpark Holistic, DANK Dispensary, The Clear™ and much more!

Do you have any example itineraries available?

Yes! Last September, we curated an amazing road trip through the beautiful recreational state of Colorado for three young ladies (with one celebrating a birthday). This was really fun itinerary to put together, especially since we have been to each spot listed on the itinerary at least once (if not twice) before. They visited Denver, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, Aspen, Basalt, Pueblo and everything in between. 

How can people find out more about your services?

Our website has tons of information from how to book a cannatrip to all the legal jargon of how Traveling DAB™ provides a safe & legal way for adults 21+ to travel through the four recreational states in the US. We highly recommend taking our FREE Travel Consultation Questionnaire offered on our page for those who are considering cannatravel with Traveling DAB™. You can contact us via email at or call/text (802) 729-BOOK.

Learn More – Website | FacebookTwitterInstagram

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