Trailblazers – Summerland Ceramics


Summerland: A lost hideaway for sun-seekers, wave worshippers and coastal day dreamers. You won’t find this place on any map.  Let yourself drift away into the soft haze of Summerland through our collection of ceramic stonerware. On the other side is a small corner of bliss where the waves are always tasty, the sun forever melts on the horizon, and the nipple is eternally, irrevocably freed. Sink back into your hammock and breathe deep, friend.”

First created in 2011, Summerland Stonerware is the brainchild of  San Francisco-based Art Director and filmmaker Liam Kaczmar. The name ‘Summerland’ relates to the euphoric state of mind one experiences with cannabis; Liam was inspired to create smoking devices for the aesthetic connoisseur; a bong that you didn’t need to hide when you had company over.


Q. Your pieces are practical and aesthetically pleasing – what materials do you use?

LK – Our pieces are all slip cast in cone 5 ceramic and lead free glaze, all of which are completely food safe and absolutely practical. The designs process was spent refining and refining our vessel shapes until they felt as beautiful yet utilitarian as possible.
Q. What’s next for Summerland? Are you going to introduce more styles?
LK – Right now I’m focusing on building the brand with retail partnerships and media content. I’m a director and film maker before bong maker, so I’m excited to play around with the genre. In terms of styles, I’d like to blow out the current designs with more color and glaze options. It’s slow and steady. No new styles at the moment but who knows, I may have a few tricks up my sleeve. I’m also collaborating with some of my favorite artists and designers to do custom glaze work for an artist series, slated for a 4/20 launch. 
Q. If you could choose one ‘classy stoner’ for inspiration, who would it be?
LK – Carl Sagan! The thought of a long stoney walk in the woods, resting on the edge of a rocky gorge to make tea with a small camp stove while setting up a telescope as the sun sets…
Q . Finally – can you send us a ‘behind the scenes’ snap or a doodle? 😀Summerland-Stonerware-Pic

Images: Liam Kaczmar / Summerland / Instagram

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