Vape On



Stylish, discreet and practical? The perfect personal vaporizer is hard to come by if you’re a perfectionist like us. The market is full of options, more and more people are choosing to invest in high quality vaporizers, not to mention the many health benefits of using a vaporizer instead of smoking. For this post, the CCC team have selected their favorites, the most stylish and effective vape pens, all tried and tested individually. 


“Super sleek, and I love how smooth the draw is with the wide airflow.” – Hannah


“This vape is a wonderful companion for the style enthusiast with 23 different color and finish options. CloudV also offers accessories such as the bubbler and globe attachments so that you can build your own perfect vape pen.” – Kristen


“What I really love about the Pax2 is its design and how discreet and compact it is. The flavour of your flower still comes through, and it’s simple to use. As long as you keep up with the cleaning, it really is perfect.” – Sara

7“Live in a prohibition state? These pens are perfect for you. Pre-loaded with a blend of CBD and essential oils, they can be shipped anywhere in America. CBD helps relieve pain, reduce inflammation, aid sleep, relax the body, and more. Evoxe has also brilliantly combined this cannabinoid with essential oils such as frankincense, ylang ylang, tangerine and geranium for added medical benefits that also produce a tasty inhale.” – Kristen 



“I was delighted how easy this is to use. It’s perfect if you like big puffs and a clean taste, even after a few hits.” – Hannah


“Hold this pen in your hand and you’ll immediately know it is a quality product. Sleek, durable, and discreet, this vape has the biggest chamber we’ve seen for concentrates, perfect for heavy on-the-go use! The pieces also screw together, eliminating the chance that it will come apart and create a disaster in your pocket or purse.” – Kristen

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